Pack Wisdom to Help Us All "Remember Love"... Print It Out, Share It ...
And Pass It On.

Thank you for watching my little motion picture Do You Remember Love?

I wrote this poem as a tribute to Maui, my tiny Maltese terrier, who is alive and well at 98 (14 in human years).

Maui has been an inspiration for me over the course of her short life. She has taught me the meaning of true unconditional love, and I will be grateful to her forever.

So many people have asked me for the words to this movie ... so I put together the "Pack Wisdom" from Maui and her canine companions in a downloadable PDF.

You can print it out and hang it on your refrigerator or on your bathroom mirror to make sure you "Remember Love." I'll also send you a free chapter from my bestselling book How To Meditate With Your Dog: An Introduction to Meditation for Dog Lovers.

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