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Why I made this video...

I wrote this poem as a tribute to Maui, my tiny Maltese terrier, who recently passed away at almost 16 years of age (nearly 112 in conventional dog years).

Maui was an inspiration to me over the course of her life - and remains so today. She taught me the meaning of true unconditional love, and I will forever be grateful to her.

That is why I started an online community where dog lovers celebrate our dogs...past, present and future.

Maui also inspired my book How to Meditate with Your Dog: An Introduction to Meditation for Dog Lovers.

It sounds funny, I know, but Maui started meditating with me when she was just a puppy, and she became my meditation "guru." The book tells our story.

I would love to send you a free sample chapter from my best-selling book How to Meditate with Your Dog... Just fill out the form below.

Also, I will include an invitation so you can join our free online community for dog lovers at There you can watch tons of other great dog videos, see amazingly cute dog pictures and connect with other dog lovers from around the globe.

Both are FREE and without any obligation at all - my gift to you to thank you for watching "Do You Remember Love" and hopefully sharing this web video with your friends.

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